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Zauberlinden – a combination of massive disco, house beats and deep melodies that shiver up your spine.

Born in 1980 in Eastern Germany and having grown up in different European cities including Trier, Eindhoven, Amsterdam, Brussels and Luxembourg, he found his final home in Berlin in 2008. In terms of electronic music, this is not just the German capital, but the world capital: a white-hot crucible of creativity and inspiration.

He started out as a guitarist and keyboarder in several punk and indie bands, then his passion for electronic music was sparked in 1998. After experimenting with all different styles of electronic music, he became an active part of the dance music scene in Trier as a initiator and DJ of the famous "Trashique" event series. In 2007, he began immersing himself in House, Deep House and Tech House and played his new refined sound in several clubs in Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands and Poland.

As he delved deeper and deeper into electronic music, he was able to appreciate his new hometown Berlin as a driving source for his inspiration. Soon, he played at Open-Air festivals in and around Berlin as well as in local clubs like Ritter Butzke, Tresor, Kater Holzig, MIKZ, V.C.F, Chalet, Morlox, Levee, Ressort, Bi Nuu … and many others. He also began releasing his own tracks in 2010, bringing together his love for house, guitar and jazz music.

With his side project "Zauberlinden Deep Conspiracy", he started to create a modern, experimental and ambient Deep House Opera in 2012. He is also a member of the "Hätt’ ich mal lieber getanzt"-crew (the "I should have danced"-crew) and plays and produces music under pseudonyms like "Erich & Honecker" (Tech House), "Pa Ne" (Techno) and "Trés Cliché" (Electro).

After producing a bunch of tracks in 2011, he plans to release his first album mid-2012.