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Álvaro Lagartera was born in Talavera de la Reina. At 15, himself and his brother Jorge bought their first turntables and a mixer and started experimenting with it at home. The small local vinyl shop in Talavera would become a common sight, as it reliably supplied the brothers with house and techno music over the years. Among his first acquisitions are vinyls from names like Ben Sims, Marco Carola, Plastikman or Oscar Mulero. He would frequently play in many local bars and nightclubs as a student and be involved in organising parties and raves together with other DJs from the area.

To take his career as a DJ a step further, he moved to London in 2006, where he also tried himself in music production. It didn't take long until his name appeared on the posters of popular London nightclubs and he became a resident in Exit Bar, where every Sunday he would spin his records at the renowned festivals of Bricklane.

Álvaro's productions company "THE SEEKERS", which he had developed with his brother - now known as "Prism" - began to take off shortly after. In 2008, the German label Kaufe Musik showed an interest in it and together they created various remixes of Kaufe Musik's EPs. What followed were further partnerships with music labels and artists, notably Futureaudio, X-List, Numbolic, 3rd Wave Music and Android Musiq among others.

As Álvaros time in London progressed, so did his career. He was organising events and continued as a resident in Exit Bar, playing every Sunday, alongside names like Levan, owner of Floor Records. Levan liked the productions that Álvaro and Prism had made and soon after invited them to create various remixes of Floor Record's EPs, including a collaboration with Re:Axis, who, in turn, also showed an interest in THE SEEKERS and offered them to work on his label Monocline Records. The result was the EP "Spartacus Way", reaching the Beatport Top 100, and shortly after the EP "Cutecumber", which reached the Top 20 on Beatport. Not surprisingly, the scope of listeners and supporters grew as their DJ sets became more and more popular and they were asked to play in clubs like Cafe 1001, Club Aquarium, 54, Platinum, The Red and The Doors Club.

The decision of moving to Berlin was an obvious one, given his growing affiliation with the techno subculture. But the brothers spent the first half of 2009 back in Talavera such as to prepare Live Sets and develop new productions. THE SEEKERS proved fruitful during this period of seclusion and what followed was a partnership with Magda (Item & Things, Minus), which resulted in several international promos. The Polish artist gives the boys great feedback and has incorporated their tracks in her podcast Forever Fabric (London) on "Freckles".
>Magda- Radio Mix for Fabric 49<

Later that year, Lagartera moved to Berlin in pursuit of creating his own music label and developing his distinctive sound. The bustling Berlin nightlife quickly took him in and he soon found himself playing in clubs like Arena Club, Wilde Renate, ZMF and Golden Gate. And when the DJ that sparked your passion in the first place plays your tracks, you know the hard work has paid off, as this is what happened to Álvaro when he went to see Richie Hawtin play.

Álvaro got fascinated with the art of promoting and producing music - it is a platform to launch the music that he (and we) love - especially with the new Berlin Label "FEINGEFÜHL", which he is still working with today.