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"Used" is made up of Marcel Freigeist and Igel (Iggy Eismeer), but these two fresh faces from Berlin are not quite as their name suggests...
It all kicked off when Janek (Iggy) regularly booked Marcel for some of his renowend parties. From this developed a close friendship as well a merging of musical talent. Straight away, they scored slots in clubs like "Cookies" and "Kater Holzig", making them an unusual but exclusive act.

There is no doubt that this pair is well able to rock the house, head-bopping guaranteed. Their music predominantly dips into Deep House, complemented by a unique Hip-Hop spin and with sounds reminiscent of what you might have heard inside the walls of "Bar 25" and "Panoramabar". But getting down and dirty with some trash at times is as fun as it is indispensable.

As well as being part of "Used", Janek is co-founder and owner of the Berlin label "Feingef├╝hl", which has been in development over the last few months. The agency has already become one of the most sought after and booked labels/events in Berlin.